Female Black Velvet Spider

Black Velvet Spiderlings

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Black Velvet Spiderling

Female Black Velvet Spider

Adult Female Black Velvet Spider

Adult Male Black Velvet Spider

Captive bred Black Velvet Spiders - Gandanameno sp (Eresidae) from Eastern and Southern Africa. These Spiders are extremely hardy, and very easy to keep, in a well ventilated enclosure. They require no moisture at all. I keep them on a thin layer of dry substrate, with a layer of dry moss and some cork bark. They will, overtime, build an elaborate, silken nest under the moss, or in/under the wood, eventually incorporating the whole of their surroundings. They will take prey much larger than themselves, by dragging it into their nest. I feed fruit flies to the babies, then Fly maggots, Calci worms and Wax worms for the Spiderlings. They will take small Locusts and Roaches, also. I feed the young once a week. Adults I feed once a month. The young do not require a heat mat, as long as they are in a warm room. I keep the adults (females around 1.5" in size) just on the edge of/next to a heat mat. Adults will take large locusts. They will dump the spent prey outside of their nest, which I carefully remove, but, be prepared for a tug of war with these feisty little spiders. They can be kept communally, as long as they have plenty of room between their nests, and food is distributed evenly, otherwise they will snatch prey from each other, and/or fight over it. I have observed the young sharing prey in their Mother's nest. Adult females lay a golden silk thread, laced with pheromones to attract a male. The females can live up to 5 years, males 1-2 years. They are full of character and are one of my favourite spiders to keep.

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