Letter from Sir David Attenborough

In July 2011, I wrote a letter to Sir David Attenborough. I asked him if he had ever encountered the nationally scarce, Purse Web Spider – Atypus affinis. I included a few A4 prints of photographs of A. affinis, that I had taken at my local Cemetery, in Brighton. A few days later, I was, (and I still am), very proud to have received this reply –

Dear Nik Nimbus,

Thankyou very much for your most interesting letter. I totally agree with you. Spiders are truly fascinating. Indeed I have often said – to my children and others – that when I stop making films, I will settle down and start to study Spiders properly – as you have done and are doing. But that day has not yet dawned so now I am quite certain that you know much much more about Spiders than I do.

You were kind enough to send me some of your spectacular pictures – and with them a return stamped envelope, for me to return them. Did you want them signed? If you do I will gladly do so – though I don’t deserve to have my name on such good pictures. Just let me know.

Meanwhile, thank you again for letting me see them.

Best wishes

David Attenborough


Sir David’s words originally inspired me to create the Spider Calendar. I send a calendar to Sir David, every year, and I often receive a thank you letter from him.



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