Gallery – Natura di Sardegna

Sardegna is paradise, it is a truly amazing place. The people are of the Earth, they are proud of their diverse ancestry. They are true, they are happy. Nature dominates the landscape. Nature is respected, and plays a big part in the customs and culture that is the Anima Sarda (Soul of Sardegna). The wildlife is unique and abundant. It is a land teeming with life.
Here is a selection of the wildlife, that I have encountered at the Northern tip of Sardegna – Santa Teresa Gallura. From Lu Brandali, the Nuraghe Village – Complesso nuragico di Lu Brandali, to Capo Testa, via the Nature Trail, La Cuntessa, to Valle della Luna.

All images are © Nik Nimbus. If you’d like to use any of these images, or you’d like copies of them, please get in touch.

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