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Hand held calendar

Arachnida Exotica Calendar 2018

High quality 160 GSM A4 210 x 297mm Full colour print in self seal plastic bag.

SALE PRICE: £12.95
Last few available now. Order before they're gone.

Field Wolf Spider Hogna lenta Lycosidae

Cards and prints

A6 105 x 148mm & 140mm Square cards - High quality, heavy card 350 gsm full colour print with envelope and self seal plastic bag, with title on the back of the card.


Female Black Velvet Spider

Spiders for sale

I have a limited number of captive bred, Black Velvet Spiderlings for sale. The image above, is of an adult female. Available NOW.

NEW - available now, a limited number of Zoropsis spinimana spiderlings.


Wonderful photos. Good packaging and fast shipping, even overseas. We look forward to this calendar every year.
Tracy13 Dec, 2016
... It's the kind of thing that helps me get a little bit over my Arachnophobia every time I look. It is undeniably beautiful.
Darrell S
Fabulous photos. Not just from a technical standpoint, I love your sense of composition.
Vanessa A
This is a very nice calendar and I enjoyed seeing all the cute spiders. It’s very hard to find spider calendars that are high quality and not some badly printed stolen stock image. This is a great gift for spider lovers everywhere.
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